About OK Zombie

OK Zombie was conceived by Louisville, KY native singer/songwriter, Nick Peay. A fan of zombie movies, he started recording instrumental songs inspired by said movie genre as one of many side projects. After positive feedback from listeners, Peay decided to flesh out (no pun intended) newer songs with lyrics, and his latest release “Do The Zombie” was born.
Hints of progressive influences such as Beck, Radiohead, and Damon Albarn are subtly layered throughout this rock/electronica/funk/indie album, giving it free range to explore a more versatile catalog of songs than you’re used to hearing on one LP. OK Zombie gives you much more than you expect to hear from a local singer/songwriter; local radio stations such as Bellarmine Radio and WFPK took notice.
Over the past year, OK Zombie has not only evolved from instrumental side project to full lyricized album, but from a one man show to a full band, not to be missed live performance. Peay originally performed this album solo live playing multiple instruments and using loop pedals to achieve a full band sound.
As time went on he found fans in the now all star cast of local musicians that have joined the OK Zombie lineup: Patrick Joyce(bass), Charles Rivera (lead guitar) and Nick Layman (drums). Their live performances make it clear that this band brings an unstoppable energy to the stage and is on the right track.
Currently the band is promoting both OK Zombie releases: the instrumental "Horror Movie Soundtrack" and "Do the Zombie" through energetic live performances. Peay is in the process of writing and recording new OK Zombie tracks for the next album, with a full band sound in mind, as the idea of this blue-collar monster, the zombie, continues to feed his vision (pun intended).

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